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Legal Advice

The best way to make use of your rights is to be fully aware of them!

In "Resposta Coincidente - Sociedade Imobiliária, Lda." we believe that in these days it is increasingly important to know what rights we have and how to exercise them. So to avoid later constraints, we must focus on prevention.

In "Resposta Coincidente - Sociedade Imobiliária, Lda." we have at your disposal an especialized professional - a lawyer, who has the knowledge to provide the service of excellence that you deserve.

With the “Resposta Coincidente – Sociedade Imobiliária, Lda.” you will have a personalized follow-up from the beginning to the end, we deal with the documentation, the contracts of promise, the definitive contracts, either they be purchase and sale or rent, the registers on competent entities and other matters indispensable for your business to exactly match what you want, and the only thing you have to do is enjoy it.

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